Reshaping software development with Simplicity, Transparency and Trust.


The Quality Difference

Our passion is to create beautiful and high-quality software. We deliver products that solve our client's needs using the highest industry standards.


    The Service Difference

    Available at any time, day or night. Our development process is transparent, we meet every week with our clients to keep them updated on our progress.


      The Experience Difference

      We don't start development until you are satisfied with how your product looks and feels. Heavy emphasis is given to interactive prototypes and user stories.

        Our story

        Two Calgarians started this ambitious enterprise, and, for better or for worse, it hasn’t stopped ever since. We started by designing and developing iPhone apps. Then we moved onto creating backend solutions for our clients. Suddenly we realized that there was a demand for complete end-to-end solutions, be it apps or websites, with or without backends.

        Our clients started coming with their business needs and we designed complete solutions for them - instead of just mobile apps. Then we started doing more things: websites, web apps, research, API design, E-commerce integration, serious stuff! — and suddenly we found ourselves running an inventive product design company which also happens to be good with production.

        What does monss stand for?

        mons is a latin word that means mountains.

        When choosing the name, we wanted something unique, and close to home. We considered different names and gravitated towards things to do with nature, the Rocky Mountains, and Calgary's position on the foothills of the Rockies. After contemplating on lots of different names, we arrived at the Latin word mons, but it wasn't quite quirky enough.

        To add a litte more pizzaz we deicded to add another s. Thus, the name monss was born.